Diesel Generator / KDE 4000E Diesel Generator

Kipor KDE 4000E Diesel Generator at AZB Dubai, UAE.


Experience the power of the Kipor KDE 4000E Diesel Generator, the epitome of excellence in power equipment. Crafted with user-friendly features, this generator ensures effortless usage with its electric key start and electronic ignition. The robust KM178F diesel engine provides stable power output, reinforced by a new AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for precise control. Equipped with an electric starter and a low oil pressure warning system that automatically shuts down the engine for optimal durability, the KDE 4000E stands as the best diesel generator in Dubai, UAE. As the best distributor of Kipor generators in Dubai, UAE, we take pride in delivering top-notch backup power solutions. In emergency power supply, Kipor is a pioneer known for advanced technology and superior machinery. One outstanding product is the KDE 4000E generator, showcasing Kipor's dedication to top-of-the-line solutions. This powerful generator features a circuit breaker, voltage meter, fuel gauge, and shutdown system, contributing to its exceptional performance and durable lifespan. Trust in the exceptional quality of Kipor power equipment, renowned for being the top choice for a silent generator in Dubai. Trust in the Kipor KDE 4000E as your steadfast generator in UAE, and let us be your reliable Kipor Generator distributor in Dubai, UAE, elevating your standard of living through our unwavering dedication to excellence in power solutions.

Features and Benefits:

  • A new AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator)delivers non-fluctuating power
  • Powerful KM178F diesel engine.
  • Optional electric starter.
  • Low oil pressure alert system shuts down the engine automatically.

Company Details:

KIPOR-the leader of the national emergency power suppliers, who is among the New and High technology companies of the nation, owning WUXI KIPOR POWER Co., Ltd. launched in 1998 made its contributions to the researches of generators and general generator sets.

WUXI KIPOR POWER Co., Ltd mainly deals with the Hi-tech machinery products. At present it has developed series ofproducts such as digital generator, super-quiet generator sets and so on. Relied on the market information, it is stepping into the generator area within 200KW. Today's KIPOR owns its workshop covers an area of 90, 000 centiares, holds many first-class assembly lines, possesses the excellent research system and equipment’s and enjoys the world-wide sales net.

In the way of developing and creating its new products, KIPOR persists in doing the best to keep its competitive predominance among its competitors. Aimed to offer the advanced and high-quality power products with convenient and good service, KIPOR tries to satisfy each of its customers.

There is a belief held deeply by KIPOR people: KIPOR will be a faithful friend of all customers through its continuous pursuing for the better life.

KIPOR builds dreams for its clients; KIPOR people will change your quality of life!

Rated frequency (Hz) 50   60
Rated output(KVA) 2.8    3.3
Max. ouput (KVA) 3.2   3.8
Rated voltage (V) 115/230    120/240
Rated current (A) 24.3/12.2    27.5/13.8
Rated speed (r/min) 3000   3600
Phase NO. Single-phase
Power factor (cose) 1.0(lag)
Insulation grade B
Pole number 2
Excitation mode Self-excitation and constant voltage(AVR)
panel type General Panel
(Output) Volage (V) 115/230    120/240
(Output)Receptacle Two receptacles
(Output)Connection pole N/A
(Output)DC12V output Connection pole output
Overall dimension:LxWxH(mm) 655×480×530
Dry weight (Kg) X:65 E:70
Working assorting weight(kg) X:78 E:83
Noise Level(7M) db(A) 77
Structure type Open frame
Engine Model KM178F
Engine type Single-cylinder,vertical,four-storke,direct injection
Cylinder NO,-bore x stroke (mm) 1-78×62
Displacement 296
Rated power[kW(Hp)/(r/min)] 3.68/3000    4.0/3600
Compression ratio 20:1
Rated rotation speed 3000    3600
Ignition system/td> -
Cooling system Air cooled
Lubrication system Pressure splashed
Starting system X:Recoil starter    E:Electric Starter
Fuel type 0# (summer)-10# (winter)-20# (chillness) disel
Lube Oil Brand CDgrade or SAE 10W-30,15W-40
Capacity of cooling Water(L) N/A
Lube capacity (L) 1.1
Starting motor capacity (V-kW) 12V 0.8kW
Charging generator capacity (V-A) 12V 3A
Battery capacity (V-Ah) 12V 36Ah
Fuel consumption (g/kWh) ≤370
Fuel tank capacity (L) 13.5
Continuous running time (hr) 8.5